MOTOR DEPARTMENT Our Business Based on the production technology of special motors for elevators and fans for cooling and heating devices
 As a new growth engine business, we are moving forward from aluminum extrusion business to electric car parts manufacturing business.
Elevator Motor
PM Gearless Traction Machine
Geared Traction Motor

· PM Transaction Motor For Elevator
· Gearless Transaction Motor For Elevator

Door Motor
Permanent Magnet Door Motor
Three Phase Induction (Flange) Motor
Three Phase Induction (Horizontal) Motor
Three Phase Door Motor

· PM Door Electric motor
· Three Phase Induction Motor(Flange Type)
· Three Phase Induction Motor(Base Type)
· Three Phase Geared Motor For Cargo
· Three Phase Torque Motor
· DC Electric Motor

ETC Motor Products
Ceiling Fan
Ventilation System
Cross-Flow Fan
Air Shower Fan
Fan Coil Unit

· Traction Machine Cooling Fan Motor
· Running Machine Motor
· Ventilation System Motor
· Air Shower Motor
· Fan Coil Motor

Major Customers