EXTRUSION DEPARTMENT Our Business Aluminium is used in industries such as auto parts, telecommunications
and electrical & electronics, machinery, architecture, defense industry, furniture, leisure, etc.
 It is a basic material of everyday life and has a wide range of uses.
for Automotive (for Processing, Forging)
Utilizing the light weight and high thermal conductivity of aluminum, it can be used as heat exchanger and radiator parts
and it can improve the fuel efficiency of heat exchanging and transportation equipment.
Radiator Pipe
Radiator Pipe
Condenser Tube,
Extension Valve

· Automotive Evaporator and Condenser Tube
· Automotive Air Conditioner Refrigerant Line and Power Streeing Oil Line
· Automotive Tube & Parts

for Electric, Electronic, Home appliances Motor
Aluminium is used as a main material for heat exchangers in electrical and electronic components,
using light and thermal reflectivity due to its good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.
Heat Sink & CPU Cooler
Heat Sink & Electric Accesory
TV & Monitor Frame
Printer & Copying machine

· Various Heat Sinks
· Evaporator tube for refrigerator
· CPU Cooler
· Tube for OPC drums
· EVA Tube
· ACC Tube
· Joint Tube, etc

for Machine, Construct, Industrial
Aluminium is lightweight, corrosion resistant and easy to process, making it widely used as a general industrial mechanical part.
Extrusion Aluminum Pipe
Extrusion Aluminum Bar
Extrusion Aluminum
Profile & Frame
Window Frame

There are many different uses for mechanical parts, construction, and even industrial applications.
· Industrial valves, pipes
· frame for building and furniture
· Various forging, machining parts

Living, Leisure
Aluminium is light, colorful and corrosion resistant, making it suitable for daily and leisure activities.
Fishing Reel
Tent Pole & Tarp Pole
Bicycle Frame

From daily life to leisure activities, there are many uses.
· reel for fishing rod, tent pole, tap pole, climbing stick, bicycle frame, etc.

for the defense industry, Special material
Because of the good strength of aluminum (strength relative to unit weight),
it is widely used in special applications such as structural materials for defense and aircraft.
Weaponry Accessory
Aluminum Pallet
Ladder Frame

· Ammunition Part : Combustion tube, fuselage, carbon, wing combination, etc.
· River Crossing equipment : Saddles for boats, boat pallets, support shafts, etc.
· Aircraft part: Structural material for aircraft, target for air shooting, aircraft palette, etc.
· Moving part : Tanks and armored vehicle structural materials, BOX CAR materials, etc.
· General materials: aluminum beds, tent supports, pins, ladders, etc.

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